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Do you need to get those taxes done? Maybe you need to get taxes done for several years? Do you need a tax preparation pro who is also a CPA with years of experience? Do you need to get a pro between you and IRS or your state taxing authority, and sort out some things? And do you want a tax pro who takes the time to get to know your tax situation and will save you the maximum possible on your taxes?

Welcome to Woodland Tax Service! We think we are a great choice for fixing those tax issues for you. We have over 40 years of experience in tax preparation, negotiation and resolution. We have prepared thousands of returns over the years, and have recovered millions of dollars in over-assessed taxes. We always stand ready to defend your rights should the tax man come calling, and we will do that for the one of every fourteen of us who has a pending tax issue. The best part is we work for you to represent you and fix the problem!

Why not find out what we can do for you? Just contact usĀ for a free personal or virtual meet-and-greet appointment today. Our hours fit your schedule….we offer day, evening and weekend appointments during tax season. We are looking forward to helping you, either in person or as a virtual client! Don’t wait…call Paul at the office now, and let’s get to work!